Everything Diggers and Cherry Pickers.

What are they?

Diggers and cherry pickers are mobile crane-like machines used to lift people or material on a platform or a basket-like structure that assist in various work operations that are height sensitive in nature and inaccessible by permanent structures such as elevators.

A cherry picker also known as an aerial work platform derives(h√łydeteknikk) its name from its original use in cherry picking on orchards. Due to the tall trees in orchards harvesting fruit was difficult and the cherry picker was invented to lift fruit pickers up in a basket like structure to help them pick fruits easily.

Later the cherry picker(liftutleie kristiansand) was adapted to other forms of work that needed lifting services such as building maintenance, construction work, lifting firefighters in emergencies and more.

A digger, on the other hand, is also known as a loader backhoe or excavator. It resembles a tractor-like vehicle fitted with a loader designed like a shovel or a bucket on the front and a backhoe attached at the back.

Design and Structure of the diggers and cherry pickers
Cherry pickers(lift kristiansand) as well as diggers both use hydraulics system for movements of the arm like structure used to lift, carry and dig. Recently some cherry pickers are using pneumatic systems as well.

The arm-like structure has multiple jointed sections which are usually controlled to lift the platform. The cherry picker achieves movement by releasing the pressure from the hydraulics using a control panel which features a joystick and or buttons.

The operator uses the joystick and control buttons to manipulate movements either in the vertical, horizontal, lateral, rotational and also in moving the lifted platform back, forward, up and down. Cherry pickers are powered by diesel, but lately lighter electronically powered cherry pickers are increasing in demand especially for such operations as window washing and maintenance.

A digger, on the other hand, features hydraulic circuits and quick-attach mounting systems that enable mounting operations. Some diggers have been known to feature a retractable backhoe for efficiency in carrying and emptying of its contents.

What are they used for?

Diggers and cherry pickers(sakselift kristiansand) are generally used for construction, building maintenance, and agriculture. Cherry pickers have many uses such as power and cable lines maintenance, telecommunications, construction, window washing platform, lifting firefighters to fight fires and more.

Diggers are mostly used in urban areas and can do a number of things from demolishing houses to excavating and carrying/lifting small building materials. They also dig trenches, dredge rivers, remove snow and assist in forest mulching.