How to Make A Gravestone

One of the hardest things in life you will ever do is lose a child, even worse a stillborn baby. Your child was supposed to be in your life forever and now you and burying them. You will have two options a casket or an urn. No matter what you pick you can still have a grave stone made for your child.

You will want to work with your funeral home to pick out a grave stone. They will help you pick out quality materials for the gravestone. Some great materials include granite and marble. You also can pick up a custom font for the words on the gravestone. They are normslly very customizable, just be careful because the more options you pick the higher the price goes.

Your funeral home director can help you find a burial plot because this is an emergency situations and chances are you dont have one. Another great option is looking for a plot next to a close family member’s gravestone. They are very small and do not require a lot of room so it can be easier to find a spot.

You will be going through a lot of pain as you bury your child. You will still want to engrave a message on the stone. You can come up with this on your own or your funeral director can help you with it. This will always be something you can look back on as you heal.

Craftsman templating gravures on headstone

It is the hardest thing to say goodbye to a stillborn baby, but there are ways to get a great gravestone to remember and also help others remember your child. Just remember your funeral director is your best asset while going through the process. They will support you through the process and will also help you through the grieving process.

Gravestones and Headstones